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How are you taking care of your contaminated outerwear?

The #Coronavirus is rapidly spreading and forcing out communities to change the way we live our everyday lives, and so extreme precautions must be made to keep ourselves and our family safe. Completing a full launder and dry cycle for all articles of clothing is essential, ESPECIALLY #outerwear like jackets and coats, which come into contact with germs the most. #Jackets and #coats are usually the most contaminated when you lean against a wall, or sit in the subway, or even unintentionally touching a surface. These hard-to-wash-at-home items that are difficult to #clean regularly should be dry cleaned to be disinfected thoroughly in order to maintain cleanliness.

Collect your #contaminated outerwear to be picked-up and cleaned from top to bottom. All of our dryers are set to 169° Fahrenheit, with our steaming and ironing processes being much hotter, following #CDC guidelines for thorough #sterilization. Call us or visit our website for #Pick-Up and #Delivery options.

Call to (212) 716-1177


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Oct 20, 2022

don't bring anything here They lose your clothes then argue with you.


Sep 14, 2022

Please advise about my clothes I checked again and what you sent back for the second time is not mime 19C.please find My clothes.

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