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Proper ways to wash clothes during COVID-19 outbreak

As the Coronavirus becomes more and more of an issue in our communities, we must take just as many precautions in our daily lives to ensure our safety and well-being. According to the Center for Disease Control, the typical clothes laundering process is a surefire way to remove any potential harmful bacteria or microorganisms. The seasonal flu is killed at temperatures around 167° Fahrenheit, so hot-water washing should always be at the temperature of 160°F for at least 25 minutes. Most importantly, a full dry cycle and ESPECIALLY a complete ironing are essential in fully disinfecting potential bacteria. Refer to your respective clothing labels for dryer temperature and cycle times. To make sure all clothes are COMPLETELY clean, all of our dryers are set to 169° Fahrenheit. Our steaming and ironing processes are much hotter, ensuring complete disinfection. The #CDC fully recommends dry cleaning to thoroughly sterilize and clean clothing. In order to minimize physical contact, we offer a Pick-Up and Delivery service right to your doorstep. We will launder and dry clean everything from your normal everyday clothes to your household linens. Call us or visit our website for Pick-Up and Delivery options. Our team members are required to wash hands as often as possible and wear gloves when appropriate. Our locations are constantly maintained to be as safe and clean for our customers as it is for our members.

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